Suburban Terrace Civic Association of Old Jefferson encompasses all the area located between the Railroad Tracks, River Road, St. George, and Lions St./Hyman Drive. We are open to all residents and businesses within our boundaries.

The Suburban Terrace Civic Association began July 27, 1970, with twenty-seven founding members. The motto ‚ÄúStriving to Preserve Our Neighborhood” continues to be the goal of the
organization. In this area, rich in history and culture, families have stayed and homes have been handed down for several generations. Using the foresight and vision of the first members, this neighborhood continues to come together to keep the old ways alive and embrace the future.


In about 1914, Suburban Acres was created, and a year later the OK. streetcar line initiated service connecting the New Orleans streetcar through Suburban Acres to the city of Kenner. This line opened a door to the community both commercially and culturally. Although cars and buses replaced the streetcar, our subdivision was already well established. Suburban Acres is located in Jefferson, Louisiana, about five miles upriver from the old French Quarter and in the shadow of the Huey P. Long bridge. It is in an area referred to as Old Jefferson, one of the earliest Jefferson Parish suburbs on the east bank of the Mississippi River.