Suburban Terrace Civic Association January 2024 President’s Report

Hello neighbors and Happy New Year! Hopefully, the holidays were good for everyone. Time to get back to the business of making our neighborhood the best that it can be in 2024!

November 2023 Meeting Recap


Many thanks to JPSO for their continued support and attendance at our meetings.

We were advised to be careful during the holiday shopping season and call 911 if any of us felt that we were in an unsafe situation. This advice remains true anytime of the year. Our JPSO Deputies are available to help the residents of Jefferson Parish whenever needed. If you see something that you believe would warrant their attention, please call 911. Please help JPSO help us!

Jefferson Parish Library

Guest speakers for our meeting were representatives from the Jefferson Parish Library.

Ms. Regina Stewart, Rosedale Library Manager, gave us an informative slide presentation on all the library has to offer.

Mr. David Johnson, Director of Marketing and Communications, Ms. Skye Cornelia, Innovation and Outreach Librarian and Ms. Jessica Styons, Director, Jefferson Parish Library were also in attendance and added additional information on library services.

There was so much information presented. Please check out the library website for a full list of services provided:  https://jplibrary.net/

Here are a few of the services they offer:

Library of Things – many useful appliances, lawn equipment, audio/video equipment, etc. Not available at all branches, please check the website for locations that offer this service.

Experience passes/free tickets to museums and performances.

Free on-line tutoring

Eighty free programs for children each month

Career counseling/resume writing

Classes in citizenship

Free digital streaming movie service, magazine subscriptions, and books

Cooking class

Music concerts

And more! If you do not have a library card, please get one. It is free to apply. Visit our Rosedale Branch and get your library card, which will allow you to take advantage of all they have to offer!

Neighborhood News

Congratulation to our Councilman, Deano Bonano, on his inauguration into his second term as Jefferson Parish Councilman, District 2, and in addition, his election by The Council as Vice-Chairman. Councilman Bonano has been very receptive and supportive of our efforts to improve our neighborhood.  His commitment to his office is evident by his presence at our meetings and his willingness to speak to his constituents. Again, congratulations Councilman Bonano. We appreciate you!

Chappy Eppling, Chairperson – Beautification Committee, continues to work with the Jefferson Parish Parks Department to identify locations to place trees in our neighborhood. Our drought has been broken and once the weather is appropriate, we will begin planting. If you have a suggestion for a location that you feel would be appropriate for planting, please let Chappie know. He will check it out and add it to our list.

Our STCA Vice President, Charles Jarreau has updated our website: https://suburbanterrace.org/

Membership dues for 2024 are now due. Pricing voted on and approved at our November Meeting are as follows:

Individual Membership:  $15.00/year

Household Membership:  $30.00/year

Please renew your membership at our meeting by seeing either our Treasurer, Rhonda Gauthier, or our Secretary, Kim Catalano at the welcome table or visit our website and renew online.

When you are at our meeting, please visit our Advisory Board Member Suzanne Falgout to purchase 50-50 tickets. This helps add to our treasury and you could win money!

January Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, at the Pink House (Thomas C. Laughlin Building) located at 4518 Jefferson Hwy. We are using this building until further notice.

The doors open at 6:30 pm and we will start promptly at 7:00 pm.

We intended to have representatives from Jefferson Parish Environmental Affairs at this meeting to discuss garbage and recycling collection, but they are still in contract negotiations. Once all contracts are signed and services have been determined, we will contact the department and check their availability to speak at one of our later meetings.

Our Guest Speaker – January 9, 2024

Ms. Emily Arata – Ochsner Medical Center

Ms. Arata will discuss Ochsner’s plans for expansion.

Refreshments for our next meeting will be king cake and drinks provided by our STCA Hospitality Committee. We thank Jeanie Knesel and Kristy Reeser for their work in providing us with a sweet treat at our meetings.

Upcoming Events

Please put our next meeting on your calendar, March 12, 2024. At this meeting, our speakers will be the candidates running for 24th Judicial District Court Judge’s race. Mark your calendars!

Your Suburban Terrace Civic Association would not be in existence without a team effort by our STCA Advisory Board Members. We live and work in this neighborhood right alongside all of you. Let us know where we can help. We do what we do on a volunteer basis to help preserve our neighborhood and make sure that it is a place we are proud to call home.

Hope to see you at the meeting!

Judy Wolf

STCA Advisory Board Member

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