November 2018 General Membership Meeting Minutes


Meeting called to order at 7pm

Moment of silence

Role call of officers

Speaker JPSO Captain Curtis Matthews crime stats from Oct thru Nov 12, 2018

1 attempted burglary

2 thefts from vehicle

3 suspicious persons

0 robberies

0 residential burglaries

Speeding issues on Morris-Jefferson Highway-South-Riverdale-Vinet

Speaker Emily Arata about Ochsner expansion

Construction Projects 360 million

Michael R Boh center for Child Development caters to kids to assisting with learning & developmental specialist

West Tower helps with Parking

Improvements with drainage-security lighting-complete January-assists with emergency & critical care

Tom & Gayle Benson Cancer Center offers local cancer care & clinical care

Innovation Center-Deckbar & Jefferson Highway-3 story building

Doctors, nurses and pharmacists working on innovative healthcare

Design-planning & construction start next year aiming for Spring 2020

Making care more affordable and efficient

Proposed entry drive modification

Rehabilitation Hospital-Old Jeff Plaza

Rehab services for stroke-auto injury victims

West Tower Addition Completed in Aug 2018

Growing demand for Healthcare

Innovative Med Center-Smart Hospital-patients have Ipad with provider info-meds-plan for care-tests-goal to recover-schedule care-wireless devices-chronic diseases-better treatment

Community Initiatives

Shrewsbury Neighborhood-jobs

19 tuition free medical assistant Training program

Opened Chamberlain School of Nursing May 2018

Now accepting applications

Nursing shortage

Ochsner Day of Service

Hazel Hurst Community Center-Lemon Playground

Marine Baptist Community Garden

Farmers Market at Ochsner-Dec

Crescent City Farmers Market Wed 3-7pm

*STCA is hoping Ochsner will partner with us to improve our neighborhood

Planned infrastructure Improvements




Adding more lanes @ Causeway & Jeff and @ Collins & Jeff Highway

Payment in lieu of taxes-6.5 million needed to pay for improvement

Ochsner is a nonprofit

19K employees Systemwide

10K employees live in Jefferson Parish

Ochsner working on daycare? Housing?

Light at the top of hospital-some like-some do not

Community meeting-Council Chamber-Promote Awareness-Complaints

Parking concerns in lot-validate-free-security reasons for patients & families

Express parking garage

Residents concerns over Pawn Shops & Hotels on Jeff Highway

Investments Transformational & Positive

Leasing Rite Aid?

Pilot Program for area

Housing needs-patients-students-neighbors

More local eateries

Hippie Kitchen

Turkey give away 10 Turkeys donated by Kim Catalano Keller Williams Realty gave 10 turkeys away to lucky attendees!

Meeting adjourned

Happy Thanksgiving

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