President’s Report

The President’s Report

July 2022

Hoping everyone had happy Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations. I’d also like to acknowledge all of our grandparents, many who are raising their grandchildren. The world is a much better place with extended family. Hopefully the 4th of July was a great celebration for all of you. I was blessed to spend the weekend with family and friends.

Welcome Summer! It’s so nice seeing the children and adults enjoying being outside. It is a good feeling when our neighborhood is full of activity. Activity brings us together. This is also a good time for gardening and sprucing up the outside of the house. Keep in mind that we have been facing some extreme heat, so do everything in moderation and drink plenty of water. Wear appropriate clothing that can keep you cool and protect you from the sun. This is a great time to bring out the hats and don’t forget the sunscreen. If you haven’t had your AC unit cleaned, this is a good time to schedule that yearly maintenance. Beginning January 2023, 14 SER will be the minimum energy efficient  AC units available. If your unit is old, needs to be repaired, or replaced, talk to your AC serviceman about the upcoming changes in January, so you can prepare for maintaining your older unit or upgrading to a more energy efficient unit. Please continue to check in on our senior residents. The heat can be very hard on them doing the simplest of tasks. Respect and kindness for our seniors is paramount to having a great neighborhood. Thank you all for your dedication to preserving our great neighborhood.

Neighborhood News:

Just a reminder to check out our beautification project on Dodge and Jefferson Hwy. The Jefferson Parish Parkway Department planted a garden by our new “Welcome to Suburban Terrace” neighborhood sign. This is just the beginning of upcoming projects that make our neighborhood welcoming and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Another area of focus is the park on Jefferson Park and Jefferson Hwy. We are grateful  for Jefferson Parish and Councilman Deano Bonano for working with us on these projects. 

May 2022 Meeting Recap:

The General Membership Meeting was held on Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at the Pink House (Thomas C. Laughlin Building) located at 4518 Jefferson Hwy. May was National Health Observance month. In honor of this, we held a mini health fair for our members. We had goodie bags full of health awareness information and Vice President Charles Jarreau and his wife Joan, both who excel in the health field, presented on this topic. 

JPSO also presented crime stats and answered questions.

July 12, 2022 Meeting:

Our next meeting will be on July 12, 2022 at the Pink House (Thomas C. Laughlin Building) located at 4518 Jefferson Hwy. We are using this venue until further notice.

The doors open at 6:30pm and we will start promptly at 7:00 pm. Our guest speaker will be Ron Camarota from the Louisiana Department of Insurance, Office of the Consumer. He will address hurricane preparedness and insurance. This is a perfect opportunity to talk about the difficulty with obtaining Homeowners Insurance and impending rate increases in Flood Insurance.

JPSO will also be in attendance to present crime stats and answer questions. Our goal is to continue to keep our neighborhood safe and to have open communication with the Sheriff’s Department.  

            Upcoming Meetings:

             We have a General Membership meeting scheduled on September 13, 2022 at the                                   Pink  House located at 4518 Jefferson Hwy.  We are planning for a presentation by                                     Brian  Parks on tree reforestation in urban and suburban areas.

             Night Out Against Crime is tentatively scheduled for October 4, 2022.


Stacey Spies, Ph.D.

Director of Special Education

St. John the Baptist School Board

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