President’s Report

STCA October President’s Report 

It’s fall y’all! Let’s all be thankful for the beautiful fall weather we are experiencing. Let’s hope it stays a bit longer! We also need to be thankful for the quiet hurricane season of 2022. We are almost out of the woods. November 30, 2022 is the official end of the Atlantic hurricane season. I think we can all agree that after last year, we needed a break! 

September 2022 Meeting Recap

Our guest speaker was Bryan Parks, Jefferson Parish Parkways Director. Mr. Parks spoke about the importance of trees in our neighborhood. In addition to offering shade and greenery to our landscape, trees give off oxygen that we need to breathe. Trees reduce the amount of storm water runoff which reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways. This may reduce the effects of flooding in our streets and waterways. Let’s do our best to maintain the health of our trees, plant new reforestation trees on your property and keep our Old Jefferson neighborhood inviting. 

Neighborhood News 

On Tuesday, October 25, 2022, the Suburban Terrace Civic Association (STCA) Advisory Board met with property developers Chris and Ashley Genard, the owners of Genard Companies (GENCO). They are the new owners of the property at 3401 Jefferson Highway. This is the site of the now shuttered pawn shop and Jefferson Inn and Suites which are located behind the former pawn shop building. 

They met with our board to discuss their vision for the redevelopment of the property. They are exploring several options, and all options discussed will be in the best interest of the neighborhood. A few of the ideas they discussed were retail business in the former pawn shop, possibly a coffee shop or cafe’ and complete renovation of the hotel space. Chris and Ashley take possession of the property this week. They will be present at a future meeting to discuss options and bring artist renderings of the development for our consideration. It is exciting to have the developers ask for our input as they revitalize this part of Jefferson Highway. Please look at some of their past renovations at:  ​GENCO (

We are happy to report that the dilapidated carwash next to the Shell station on the corner of Jefferson Hwy. and Newman St. is now gone! We will now work to make sure that the old sign frame is removed as well. Many thanks to our Parish Councilman Deano Bonano for his tireless effort to help our Suburban Terrace Civic Association fight blight in our neighborhoods. We could not have done this without his help. We are now tackling the tire/repair shop at the corner of Jefferson Hwy. and Causeway. The legal process is well underway to get this property demolished as well. Next up is the vacant property on the corner of Jefferson Hwy. and Jefferson Park Ave. 

Our Beautification Committee has been hard at work. Chappie Eppling has worked with Bryan Parks to replace two of the newly planted trees that were dying on the neutral ground on Jefferson Park Ave. Unfortunately, these trees were planted just as we started our period of “no rain.”  They were in distress and were replaced with new Nuttall Oak trees. Bryan Parks assured us that the water truck would visit regularly to keep them watered. 

In addition to the trees planted on Jefferson Park Ave., one Nuttall Oak and one Sweet Bay Magnolia trees were planted in the park on the corner of Isabel St. and Gelpi St. We will watch these closely and monitor their progress. We will also work to get the benches replaced in this park. 

Thanks to all who came out to our Night Out Against Crime! A good time was had by all. Manythanks our Sheriff Joseph Lopinto, JPSO Deputies, Deano Bonano and staff for coming out to show their support. 

The Suburban Terrace Civic Association has a new Facebook page! Please search for us on FB at Suburban Terrace Civic Association (STCA). Ask to join and invite your neighbors. The page will be a great way to keep you up to date on all the happenings in the neighborhood!

Membership News

We currently have 132 paid members in our STCA. Please stop by our registration table and check with our STCA Treasurer, Rhonda Gauthier, to check on your membership status and renew your membership. All dues paid in November go towards your 2023 membership. Also, do not forget to visit STCA Advisory Board Member Suzanne Falgout to purchase your 50/50 tickets at the meeting! 

November 2022 Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, at the Pink House (Thomas C. Laughlin Building) located at 4518 Jefferson Hwy. We are using this building until further notice. 

The doors open at 6:30 pm and we will start promptly at 7:00 pm. We will have four guest speakers. 

Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement – either Danny Ferrara (Director) or Tramone Chetta (Assistant Director)

Property Maintenance/Zoning/Quality of Life – Liza Caluda (Director)

Flood Plain Management/Hazard Mitigation – Maggie Talley (Construction and Facilities Management Director)

JPSO will also be in attendance to present crime statistics and update us on any significant issues in our area. 

Upcoming Events

January 10, 2023, is our next General Membership meeting and our guest speaker is Emily Arata, Ochsner Hospital liaison. She will speak about the expansion starting in 2023. 

March 14, 2023 – TBA

May 9, 2023 – TBA

July 11, 2023 – TBA

September 12, 2023 – TBA

October Night Out Against Crime Event – TBA

November 14, 2023 – TBA

Hope to see you all on Tuesday, November 1 at 7:00 pm!


Judy Wolf

Board Advisor

Suburban Terrace Civic Association

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