President’s Report July 2019

President’s Report

July 2019

The long hot days of summer are here and it has been relatively dry. We had an extremely wet winter and spring; now when we would welcome the cooling rains, we can’t get a drop. High pressure systems have been dominating our weather patterns lately and this fosters less rain in our area. High pressure systems are great to have in place to steer a hurricane off our track if it is headed our way. There has been a great deal of Sahara dust coming off the coast of Africa and this is keeping the Atlantic Ocean very quiet. We are in hurricane season and even though it has been quiet we need to all prepare for any events Mother Nature decides to throw our way. Each family’s hurricane list should be tailored to your specific needs but should include items on the overall list generated by our local authorities. This list would include: water, non perishable foods, flashlights, batteries, radio, first aid kits, medications, insurance papers, money (cash, credit and debit), evacuation maps, list of potential evacuation locations, fuel, basic tool kit, and sanitary items. It is important to remember our faithful, dependent pets. Be prepared to evacuate with them so they will need all the same preparation as we need. If you have a stand alone generator connected to natural gas then have it serviced and make sure you have oil and oil filters available. We all hope our preparations will not be needed this year but best to be safe than sorry.

Neighborhood News

In October 2019 we will have some decisions to make which will affect our neighborhood and Jefferson Parish. Campaign signs are popping up on our neighbor’s lawns and at businesses. We will elect our new Councilman for our area ( District 2), Councilman at Large, Parish President, House of Representative, Senate, and more. We all need to become familiar with our candidates and their perspectives for the future.

May 2019 Recap

The Spring Fling Membership Dinner was an outstanding evening. Thanks to all the wonderful restaurants we have in our area. Thanks to Blue Tomato, Hippie Kitchen, Parenton Poboys, and Haydel’s Bakery. Thank you to our advisor board members for continuing to serve our neighborhood with such big hearts and many thanks to our volunteers with their helpful smiles. A big THANKS to our loyal members for keeping us going with their support.

Thank you to our guest speakers: Milton Schleismann, New Orleans District Manager , and Rose Broggi, Agriculture Environmental Specialist, for presenting “How to Hire a Properly Licensed Landscape Horticulturalist and Arborist without being Scammed”.

A big thank you to Jefferson Parish Mosquito Control for sending such an informative speaker. I had no idea there are so many different species of mosquitos and how to know which ones causes potential danger to our health.

Thanks to our Jefferson Parish Police Officers for always speaking at our meetings to give us and explain the crime Stats for our area and answer our questions.

July Meeting 2019

STCA had planned to host this years Business Expo but due to the limited time we have to meet our candidates for the upcoming election we decided to have July and September meetings devoted to this important topic.

Our guest speakers for the July 9, 2019 meeting are for the Councilman District Seat 2. The candidates we have invited to speak are Deano Bonano, Micheal O’Brien, and Sebastian Rey. Each candidate will have 10 uninterrupted minutes to speak about their history, qualifications, and their platform for their candidacy. After each candidate has been given their time to speak we will open the floor for our members to ask questions. Please give some thoughts in advance for the questions you would like to ask our candidates.

We have also invited Charles Henry to speak about his House Seat 82 candidacy. The qualifying for the election is not until August and if there are other candidates that qualify at that time we will include them for the September meeting.

Our July 9, 2019 meeting will take place at Jefferson Playground Golden Age Center (4100 South Drive). The doors will open at 6:30 pm and the meeting will start promptly at 7:00 pm. We appreciate any and all desserts provided by members and thank you in advance for your contributions.

Upcoming Events

Our September meeting will host candidates for the Parish President’s position, Councilman At Large along with our Senate seat. We will also invite any candidates qualifying for positions that will directly impact our area. The elections will be held on October 12, 2019 and the ballots will be full of qualified candidates. We need to educate ourselves about each of our candidates to make wise choices to direct our future positively.

We have had a lot of interest in fire safety so we are working hard to have a fire safety expert for our November meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you all on July 9 for our candidates forum.

Lisa G Loup


Suburban Terrace Civic Association

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