Prevent Theft of Lawn and Porch Decorations

Recently, there have been items stolen from our neighbors’ front porches and lawns including: benches, statues and other lawn ornaments. Thieves then resell these items quickly, and a few items have ended in area shops. JPSO advises that items must be identifiable to facilitate their return. Take this opportunity to photograph, and mark these items in a discreet place with a Sharpie or other identifying mark. Please report any theft of property even if it is minor by calling 911 as this is how JPSO receives non-emergency calls. This will assist Officers to identify patterns of crime, and target patrols. This effort will help us discourage theft, and reduce crime in our neighborhood.

Crime Stats for March 2016

CategoryDateTime RecBlockAddress
ASSAULT1/25/1611:53 AM400Highway Dr
ASSAULT2/13/164:34 PM4100South Dr
AUTO THEFT2/17/168:19 PM4400Karen Ave
AUTO THEFT2/22/163:13 PM700W Jefferson Pk
BATTERY1/1/162:35 AM700Central Ave
BATTERY1/4/1610:09 AM200Central Ave
BATTERY1/17/169:54 PM400Highway Dr
BATTERY1/21/165:17 PM10Karen Ct
BATTERY1/22/169:16 PM600St George Ave
BATTERY1/23/1611:07 PM500Julius Ave
BATTERY2/20/161:59 PM500Dodge Ave
BATTERY2/24/1611:25 AM3900Jefferson Hwy
BURGLARY1/11/162:15 PM600Tucker Ave
BURGLARY2/15/169:25 AM800Central Ave
BURGLARY2/26/165:23 PM200Central Ave
BURGLARY2/28/163:42 AM400Central Ave
BUSINESS BURGLARY1/27/162:34 PM800Central Ave
CRIMINAL DAMAGE1/1/169:52 AM600Hyman Dr
CRIMINAL DAMAGE1/11/166:23 PM4300Morris Pl
CRIMINAL DAMAGE1/19/166:50 PM4100Jefferson Hwy
CRIMINAL DAMAGE2/10/1610:12 AM500Dodge Ave
CRIMINAL DAMAGE2/12/163:03 PM800Central Ave
CRIMINAL DAMAGE2/13/1612:44 PMCentral Ave & Jefferson Hwy
CRIMINAL DAMAGE2/13/161:21 PMCentral Ave & Jefferson Hwy
DISTURBING THE PEACE1/13/164:05 PMJefferson Hwy & Newman Ave
DISTURBING THE PEACE1/18/163:37 PM4100Jefferson Hwy
DISTURBING THE PEACE1/18/163:37 PM4100Jefferson Hwy
DISTURBING THE PEACE1/22/169:16 PM600St George Ave
DISTURBING THE PEACE1/28/164:46 PM600Central Ave
DISTURBING THE PEACE1/28/168:32 PMOrleans Blv & Dodge Ave
DISTURBING THE PEACE2/11/165:34 PMJefferson Hwy & Dodge Ave
DISTURBING THE PEACE2/12/166:45 AM800Newman Ave
DISTURBING THE PEACE2/12/166:51 AM800Newman Ave
DISTURBING THE PEACE2/13/1611:56 PM600Jefferson St
DISTURBING THE PEACE2/21/1612:10 AM4100Jefferson Hwy
DISTURBING THE PEACE2/27/167:20 AM300Jefferson Heights Ave
DISTURBING THE PEACE2/29/163:55 PM600St George Ave
ILLEGAL DISCHARGE OF WEAPON1/8/169:33 PM300Jefferson Heights Ave
ILLEGAL DISCHARGE OF WEAPON1/21/1612:15 AM600Central Ave
ILLEGAL DISCHARGE OF WEAPON2/17/161:28 AM300Jefferson Heights Ave
ILLEGAL DISCHARGE OF WEAPON2/29/166:17 PM2600Audubon Trce
RAPE2/3/1610:03 AM200Riverdale Dr
RESIDENT BURGLARY1/14/168:45 PM4400Karen Ave
RESIDENT BURGLARY1/18/168:16 PM4400Karen Ave
RESIDENT BURGLARY1/22/161:30 PM700Pecan Grove Ln
RESIDENT BURGLARY1/26/167:59 PM700Central Ave
RESIDENT BURGLARY2/19/169:19 AM300Newman Ave
ROBBERY1/5/164:27 AM4500Jefferson Hwy
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/1/168:01 PM500Gelpi Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/5/164:31 PM4500Jefferson Hwy
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/5/1610:39 PMJefferson Hwy & Jefferson Heights Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/7/1612:38 PMHyman Dr & Morris Pl
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/9/164:20 PM200Dodge Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/12/1610:04 PMCentral Ave & Jefferson Hwy
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/12/1610:22 PMDodge Ave & Jefferson Hwy
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/13/167:50 PM3800Leila Pl
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/13/169:27 PM900St George Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/16/169:16 PM600Dodge Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/19/166:43 PM500Central Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/20/1612:36 AM700Central Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/20/1612:13 PMSt George Ave & Jefferson Hwy
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/20/165:02 PM700Central Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/25/1610:01 AM4600Jefferson Hwy
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/27/168:05 AM600Gelpi Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS1/29/167:42 PM400Dodge Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/4/167:20 PMJefferson Hwy & Dodge Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/11/162:29 PM700Central Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/11/1611:34 PMJefferson Hwy & Dodge Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/12/166:37 PM700Central Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/17/161:48 AM500Gelpi Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/19/166:12 PM700Parkway Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/20/169:11 AM100Dodge Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/22/165:02 PM700Central Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/25/167:01 AM400Newman Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/25/1612:20 PMTucker Ave & Morris Pl
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/28/169:21 PM200Jefferson Heights Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/28/1611:40 PM500Central Ave
SUSPICIOUS PERSONS2/29/164:08 PMJefferson Hwy & St George Ave
THEFT1/12/168:40 PM1200Audubon Trce
THEFT1/16/166:05 PM4100Jefferson Hwy
THEFT1/20/1612:38 PM3800Leila Pl
THEFT2/1/168:50 PM300Newman Ave
THEFT2/3/166:27 PM4300Jefferson Hwy
THEFT2/6/1612:38 PM3800Leila Pl
THEFT2/8/164:16 PM4100Jefferson Hwy
THEFT2/10/1611:27 AM500Gelpi Ave
THEFT2/10/1612:41 PM600Terrace St
THEFT2/26/1611:04 AM4700Ashbury Dr
THEFT2/27/168:42 AM800Newman Ave
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS1/5/1612:57 PM4500Jefferson Hwy
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS1/7/161:08 PM4700Hackberry Dr
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS1/11/1610:08 AM4000Jefferson Hwy
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS1/13/167:23 AM200Riverdale Dr
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS1/16/162:06 PMSt George Ave & Karen Ave
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS1/22/166:38 PMCentral Ave & Jefferson Hwy
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS1/29/163:16 PMJefferson Hwy & Hyman Dr
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS1/29/164:02 PMCentral Ave & Jefferson Hwy
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS1/31/165:29 PM700Pecan Grove Ln
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS2/3/162:50 PM600Jefferson St
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS2/4/1610:29 AM4200Jefferson Hwy
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS2/5/162:52 PM200Riverdale Dr
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS2/10/167:43 PM4100Jefferson Hwy
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS2/18/168:59 AMCentral Ave & Karen Ave
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS2/18/164:26 PM800Central Ave
VEHICLE ACCIDENTS2/20/165:38 AM400Dodge Ave
VEHICLE BURGLARY2/14/1612:38 PM600Julius Ave
VEHICLE BURGLARY2/25/166:47 AM700Central Ave
VEHICLE BURGLARY2/26/163:49 AM800Canton St

President’s Report March – April 2016

Spring time has come and so has the rain. I’d like to take this opportunity to ask everyone to take the time to
clean the leaves and debris from the streets and drains on your streets. Although the Parish will come out to clean
plugged drains, catch basins and pipes, they will not clean the drain opening. That is up to the resident or business owners. So if you don’t want your property or homes to flood, please do your part and clean your drains. You will be doing yourself and your neighbors a great service. If everyone would keep their area clean we would have less incidents of flood damage and if we do it consistently, it could lead to a deduction in our flood insurance premiums.

Your flood insurance is prorated by the number of flood damage properties in your area.
Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 15,2016, for 7:00 pm , in the Golden Age Center, at Jefferson Playground
(4100 South Drive). Our scheduled Speakers will be Brook Burmaster, Jefferson Parishes Director of Horticulture,
who will be speaking to us on the beautification of Jefferson Highway. We will also have the liaison to the
Jefferson parish Sheriff’s Office to speak to us on Crime in our area and crime prevention. We will also discuss
changing our schedule of social events from three events to two larger events since some of our events were poorly
attended in the past few years.

At our May 10th meeting, we have our new Parish President coming to speak with us on projects scheduled for
our area, things happening across the Parish, and what he may see for the future of our Parish. Our July 12 th.
Meeting will be our Annual Hurricane Preparedness Meeting. All of our meeting feature refreshments and a 50/50

I would also encourage everyone to check out our new web site at There are areas to report code violation, drainage problems, high grass or problems with streets, drainage, water leaks, or sewage problems. You can also read the latest newsletter, get updates, and even find membership forms to become a member of our Association. You can even pay your membership fee via Paypal. This will give you the opportunity to pay with a credit or debit card without revealing your account numbers to any of us. Check out our site and let us know what you think.

I’d like to remind everyone that we are still in our membership drive. Our Association has accomplished many
things for our area in the last few years. Among them street, drainage, and sewer improvements. We have worked
vigorously to keep businesses from encroaching , fight against over building, having our area rezoned to R-1A, Single Family Residence, and improving property values and quality of life among other things. We also so sponsor
family friendly event such as our “Annual Night Out Against Crime Party”. The membership fee is very affordable
at $10.00 per person or $20.00 per household. We do six newsletters a year plus email updates and as stated before
have a brand new website that offers quite a few advantages. I hope you consider renewing your membership or
asking your neighbors to consider joining. Invite them to our meeting and let them see for themselves what we are
about. According to Jefferson Parish, we are one of the largest and most active associations in the Parish and the
larger our membership gets gives us a very big voice in what happens in our area. Remember, the squeaky wheel
gets the grease.

With that I will again remind you of our next meeting on Tuesday, March 15th, at 7:00 pm, in the Golden Age
Center At Jefferson Playground.
Thank you,
Kennith Lassalle
President, Suburban Terrace Civic Association

January – February 2016

I hope you, your family and friends have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016. Our next membership meeting will
be Tuesday, January 12, 2016 in the gymnasium on the 2nd floor at Jefferson Playground for 7:00 p.m. Drinks and refreshments will be on hand. We hope to discuss several topics from progress on our new website, beautification on Jefferson Highway, plans to restructure our social events and get your opinion on what you think we can do in the upcoming year to improve our association, neighborhood and discuss what projects or ideas you think this association needs to address.

January begins this association’s membership drive. We hope you will help us become the strongest, as well as the
most active civic association in Jefferson Parish by joining or renewing your membership for another year. You can also help us grow by asking your neighbors to come attend our meeting and joining with one of the largest civic associations in Jefferson parish. With over 600 members now, and hopefully more in the near future, we can improve our neighborhood and be the best in Jefferson Parish. We have worked well with our elected officials in the past and hope to continue to do so in the future. We have fought business encroachment into our neighborhood, explosive propane refilling stations, condominiums that could have threatened our levee, predatory businesses such as illegal pharmacies, worked to reduce the number of apartment complexes, illegal construction and code enforcement violations. We have worked to improved infrastructure such as drainage, streets, signage, all while working to improve the quality of life, property values, and our playgrounds and parks. We worked with our councilman to increase the footprint of Jefferson Playground while working to remove an environmentally dangerous business. We were instrumental in getting more lighting for our parks and helping to improve playground equipment. We also worked to get street lights fixed which helps along with increased police patrol to keep our neighborhood safe for all our families. I hope you will help us grow our association and improve our area by joining and encouraging your neighbors and friends to join. Invite them to a meeting so they can see what we are all about. We still have one of the lowest membership fees of all civic associations in Jefferson Parish at $10/person or $20/household and you get some of the best social events offered by any neighborhood association. Please renew or begin your membership with Suburban Terrace Civic Association today.
I was privileged to attend the inauguration of our new Parish President and Council. I look forward to working with
them for the next four years and hope we have as good or better rapport in the past. Our new Parish President, Mike
Yenni, has vowed to make our parish the best destination for new business and residents in Louisiana. I sincerely wish
him well and hope he can work with the civic community to do just that. I also wish our councilman, Paul Johnston, the best of luck and look forward to working with him again and our council at large, Cynthia Lee-Sheng and Chris Roberts.
Again, I hope to see you all at our meeting on Tuesday, January 12th for 7:00 p.m. upstairs in the gym at Jefferson
Thank you,
Kennith J. Lassalle, President
Suburban Terrace Civic Association

January 2016 Crime Stats

CategoryDateTime BLK/STREET
Assault01/25/1611:53:34AM400 HIGHWAY DR
Battery01/01/162:35:43AM700 CENTRAL AVE
Battery01/04/1610:09:29AM200 CENTRAL AVE
Battery01/17/169:54:05PM400 HIGHWAY DR
Battery01/21/165:17:05PM10 KAREN CT
Battery01/22/169:16:29PM600 ST GEORGE AVE
Battery01/23/1611:07:53PM500 JULIUS AVE
Burglary01/11/162:15:38PM600 TUCKER AVE
Business Burglary01/27/162:34:52PM800 CENTRAL AVE
Criminal Damage01/01/169:52:46AM600 HYMAN DR
Criminal Damage01/11/166:23:51PM4300 MORRIS PL
Criminal Damage01/19/166:50:53PM4100 JEFFERSON HWY
Disturbing the Peace01/13/164:05:49PMJEFFERSON HWY & NEWMAN AVE
Disturbing the Peace01/18/163:37:46PM4100 JEFFERSON HWY
Disturbing the Peace01/18/163:37:33PM4100 JEFFERSON HWY
Disturbing the Peace01/22/169:16:01PM600 ST GEORGE AVE
Disturbing the Peace01/28/164:46:50PM600 CENTRAL AVE
Disturbing the Peace01/28/168:32:26PMORLEANS BLV & DODGE AVE
Illegal Discharge of Weapon01/08/169:33:43PM300 JEFFERSON HEIGHTS AVE
Illegal Discharge of Weapon01/21/1612:15:24AM600 CENTRAL AVE
Illegal Discharge of Weapon01/25/161:20:43AM300 CENTRAL AVE
Resident Burglary01/14/168:45:43PM4400 KAREN AVE
Resident Burglary01/18/168:16:36PM4400 KAREN AVE
Resident Burglary01/22/161:30:30PM700 PECAN GROVE LN
Resident Burglary01/26/167:59:32PM700 CENTRAL AVE
Robbery01/05/164:27:43AM4500 JEFFERSON HWY
Suspicious Persons12/31/151:49:02PM200 JEFFERSON HEIGHTS AVE
Suspicious Persons12/31/1512:34:46PM600 CENTRAL AVE
Suspicious Persons12/31/151:30:29PMBRADLEY DR & JEFFERSON HEIGHTS AVE
Suspicious Persons01/01/168:01:07PM500 GELPI AVE
Suspicious Persons01/05/164:31:44PM4500 JEFFERSON HWY
Suspicious Persons01/05/1610:39:55PMJEFFERSON HWY & JEFFERSON HEIGHTS AVE
Suspicious Persons01/07/1612:38:52PMHYMAN DR & MORRIS PL
Suspicious Persons01/09/164:20:23PM200 DODGE AVE
Suspicious Persons01/12/1610:04:41PMCENTRAL AVE & JEFFERSON HWY
Suspicious Persons01/12/1610:22:35PMDODGE AVE & JEFFERSON HWY
Suspicious Persons01/13/167:50:05PM3800 BLK LEILA PL
Suspicious Persons01/13/169:27:02PM900 BLK ST GEORGE AVE
Suspicious Persons01/16/169:16:38PM600 DODGE AVE
Suspicious Persons01/19/166:43:25PM500 CENTRAL AVE
Suspicious Persons01/20/1612:36:05AM700 CENTRAL AVE
Suspicious Persons01/20/1612:13:40PMST GEORGE AVE & JEFFERSON HWY
Suspicious Persons01/20/165:02:07PM700 BLK CENTRAL AVE
Suspicious Persons01/25/1610:01:50AM4600 JEFFERSON HWY
Suspicious Persons01/27/168:05:12AM600 GELPI AVE
Suspicious Persons01/29/167:42:10PM400 DODGE AVE
Theft12/30/157:38:06PM4100 JEFFERSON HWY
Theft01/12/168:40:53PM1200 AUDUBON TRCE
Theft01/16/166:05:17PM4100 JEFFERSON HWY
Theft01/20/1612:38:05PM3800 LEILA PL
Vehicle Accidents01/05/1612:57:31PM4500 JEFFERSON HWY
Vehicle Accidents01/07/161:08:07PM4700 HACKBERRY DR
Vehicle Accidents01/11/1610:08:54AM4000 JEFFERSON HWY
Vehicle Accidents01/13/167:23:13AM200 RIVERDALE DR
Vehicle Accidents01/16/162:06:57PMST GEORGE AVE & KAREN AVE
Vehicle Accidents01/22/166:38:56PMCENTRAL AVE & JEFFERSON HWY
Vehicle Accidents01/29/164:02:44PMCENTRAL AVE & JEFFERSON HWY
Vehicle Accidents01/29/163:16:35PMJEFFERSON HWY & HYMAN DR

November – December 2015

I apologize for the lack of communication during the past couple of months. During the storm at the end of April, an electrical surge destroyed my computer and external hard drive which contained all of the information from the association. It has taken a while to somewhat rebuild this information and some may be lost forever. This is why we ask you to fill out new information sheets each year. We also decided to cancel the Membership Appreciation Dinner because the storm also destroyed my parents’ home in Harahan and they were forced to move into my home. I also had some personal health issues which needed to be addressed, which left no one to prepare the dinner with such short notice.
Our meeting on Tuesday, July 14th, at the Golden Age Center in Jefferson Playground for 7:00pm, will be our annual Hurricane Preparation Meeting. The Jefferson Parish Emergency Management Personnel will be on hand to give us any new information we may need to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season. We will also have State Representative Cameron Henry, Councilman Paul Johnston, and Fred Trowbridge from Senator Steve Scalise’s office to offer any further information. Also in addition to our regular 50/50 raffle, we will have two weather radios to give for door prizes.

To help you prepare here is a list of things you should do if a storm approaches our area: You should use only hurricane proof shutters or panels, or at least 5/8” thick plywood to cover windows and glass doors. Taping you windows is no protection against a storm. Pick up anything that could fly around in the wind including your garbage cans. You need to secure items that can be blown around and damage you or your neighbor’s property. Make sure you tie down your patio furniture, garbage cans, toys, bicycles, lawn mowers, or anything you cannot put indoors. If you have a swimming pool you can throw patio furniture or anything that will not float. Now is a good time to check your trees for lose or broken branches. Remove them to prevent more damage. Clean any catch basins or street drains of debris such as leaves and trash. Also clean any debris from the curbs in front of your home. This could help prevent water damage from flooding. Please do not blow grass and leaves into catch basins, drains or into the streets. This is not only illegal but, prevents the flow of water to the pump stations, which now will be manned throughout a hurricane event. Should you see someone blowing grass and leaves into the streets or drains, please report them to the Jefferson Parish Department of Environmental Affairs at (504) 736-6440, or email to They can be fined up to $500.00 for a first offense.
Please check any elderly or infirmed family, neighbor, or friends and be sure they are in a safe place or have the means to be evacuated to a safe place to ride out the storm. The parish will also evacuate from the Yenni Building to an evacuation shelter.

Be sure to have enough of your prescription medicine to hold you for at least two weeks. You will need at least one gallon of water per person per day and enough to least for two weeks. Don’t forget to fill your bath tub with water. Should the water be shut off, you will need it to flush toilets and wash. Be prepared with flash lights, portable televisions, battery powered radios, and plenty of extra batteries. You could be without electricity for a week or more. Have nonperishable food to last two weeks or more. Get a list of phone numbers of family, friends, and neighbors. Remember, should you decide to stay, there will be no emergency assistance till the storm threat is over. Do not go near downed power lines. Call Entergy and let them know as soon as possible. Be safe at all costs.

Your car should be filled with gas and, if possible, extra gas on hand for generators and your car, because more than likely, there will be no electricity and gas pumps will not be oeprational. Should you have a generator, do not place it under a carport, porch, or patio; carbon monoxide fumes will build up in your home and could kill you. Keep generator at least ten feet from doors and windows. Do not connect generator to your electrical panel unless you have the proper equipment because you could be sending electricity back through utility lines and could kill or severely injure the person or persons working to restore power. Stay away from downed power lines.
I hope to see all of you at our Membership Meeting on Tuesday, July 14th.

Thank you,
Kennith Lassalle
Suburban Terrace Civic Association

March – April 2015

I hope everyone had a fun filled Mardi Gras and we would like to wish everyone a very happy Easter. We have had a very active time in our neighborhood since our last newsletter. I have had many emails and calls about people having items such as lawn equipment, lawn ornaments, to car burglaries. I have asked the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office to send someone to speak with us on this subject and how to guard against it. We also have some suspicious characters going up to people’s doors asking for money to fix their cars. Please be sure to report these incidents to the Sheriff’s Department. Some of our neighbors took pictures of the car and license plate and sent to me which in turn sent to the police. Any time a suspicious person shows up, please call 911.
March 4th is the date for our appeal on the Newman re-subdivision. Jackie Maloney, Nancy Lewis, Lisa Loop, and many more have been working on this project. I would like to thank them for all their hard work and we will give you an update at our meeting on Tuesday, March 10th. At this meeting we will also have State Senator Conrad Appel. He will be talking to us about the upcoming Legislative Session. This should be very informative considering the upcoming budget cuts and proposals.
Councilman Paul Johnston will also be present to answer any questions you may have about what’s going on in the Parish.
We will have our Membership Appreciation Dinner at our May 12th Meeting. Our menu will consist of spaghetti casserole, corn, Italian salad, French bread, soft drinks and a variety of desserts. If you would like to help out with the set up, serving or clean up, please contact Jeanie Knesel at 739-9802 or email at If you would like to help by bringing a dessert or door prize , we would be most grateful. We will be setting up the night before, Monday, May 9th at 7:00pm, in the Golden Age Center at Jefferson Playground. We will give certificates for service hours to anyone who helps out. Come out and meet your neighbors and make new friends. There will be music, door prizes, 50/50 raffle, and fun for all.
We are in the middle of our Membership Drive. If you have not paid your membership fee, it is $10.00 per person or $20.00 per household. We are also offering business card size ads in the newsletter for only $25.00 per year. I think it is a great value for six newsletters per year, Membership Appreciation Dinner, Night Out Against Crime Party, and Christmas Dinner/ Party., not to mention email updates on things happening in the Parish and our neighborhood.
Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 10th. at 7:00pm, in the golden Age Center, at Jefferson Playground. This will be a very informative meeting. I hope you can attend and invite your neighbors.

Thank you,
Kennith J. Lassalle

November – December 2014

The Officers and Advisory Board Members would like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.
I would like to remind everyone that our November meeting will be Tuesday, November 18th., a week late because Veteran’s Day falls on our regular meeting day. The meeting will begin, at 7:00pm, in the Golden Age Center at Jefferson Playground. Our guest speaker will be State Representative, Cameron Henry. We will also be nominating Officers for the Association’s election at our January 6, 2015 meeting. Anyone wishing to run for office may have someone nominate them . Offices open for election will be President, 1st Vice president, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, and Recording Secretary. We are also looking for people who are interested in becoming members of the STCA Advisory Board. Anyone interested should contact me at, or by phone at 837-3235.

The Annual Suburban Terrace Civic Association Christmas Party will be held Saturday, December 6th. beginning at 6:00pm until 9:00pm. The menu will include fried turkey, jambalaya, macaroni and cheese, peas, sweet potato casserole, ham, salad, dinner rolls, soft drinks, and numerous desserts. If you would like to contribute a dish, please bring a dessert. We will also be accepting door prizes should you feel so inclined to donate. Anyone wishing to help set up, we will be meeting Friday, December 5th. at 7:00pm in the Golden Age Center to decorate, or you may help clean up and pick up after the party Saturday night. We are still looking for a Santa, anyone who may wish to help out, we have a costume, we just need someone to fill it, If you are interested or know someone, please contact me. We will again have door prizes, Christmas music, (hopefully) Santa and stockings for the kids, and fun for all. I hope to see all of you there.

Our Annual Night Out for Crime was again a great success. We had several hundred people attend. I would like to thank everyone who helped set up and clean up, cook, serve, donate door prizes, bring desserts, ice and food. I think everyone had a great time and met their neighbors and new friends.
I was a little disappointed with our drain cleaning project. We only had ten people show up. The people who did help did a great job, but we could have done much more. Its a shame that few people thought enough of their neighborhood to expect so few people to help prevent flooding here. People complain every time we have a heavy rain about street flooding and they won’t even take the time to help prevent flooding. We will have another drain cleaning event next Spring and I hope more people take an interest or I don’t feel it would be fair to ask the same people to clean drains for people who are too lazy or have no interest in helping themselves.
Please remember or next meeting is Tuesday, November 18th. And the Christmas Party will be Saturday, December 6th. Please come and enjoy yourself with friends, neighbors, and family. We look forward to seeing all of you there. Thank you,
Kennith J. Lassalle